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The reason why I haven't updated in so long is because I didn't feel like it.

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I'll be here and there on some LJ sites doing things. I'm committed to polybigbang art, so I'll do a piece or two for that. But other than that, I'll be on my Tumblr instead, staying far, far away from the lunatic fringes of fandom. And if I do start a more comprehensive blog that isn't me reblogging The Blacklist's Tumblr, I'll let you know. But I'm not starting one right now.

Eulogy for Television Without Pity

... ha ha ha, NO.

I'm not going to miss the long-ass recaps, Jacob or the moderators. Goodbye, TWOP, and don't let the internet hit you in the ass on your way out.

gif from that holymaurymotherofgod Tumblr
Like these, except I didn't type "Oh, I like that one guy in 12 Years a Slave!" without actually mentioning his name because it's too hard, or something.

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This is a blog anniversary post, maybe

I have nothing to say about the state of this blog. I'll update it a bit more, sometime after this month. TV things and all that.


Haven't read any YA in a while. The last thing I really read was Cum for Bigfoot, which is about a woman who has Bigfoot-like children. Said woman wants to breed them with clueless female campers, so, um, yeah. Any suggestions for YA that, well, isn't about Bigfoot/human sex? :D


Here, have some too suggestive gifs. Consider them Valentines of a sort, if you will.

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There is currently a Manchester City/Chelsea football game on for the FA Cup, and I turned away from that to see my alma mater talk about Google Glass and do a "stripe out" (sections of the Smith Center wearing Carolina Blue and white) gimmick against Pitt. I'm miserable for no reason, but as you can also see, Manchester City isn't hooking up with Google Glass and doing "stripe out" gimmicks for their stadium. In short, Manchester City is less embarrassing than my alma mater, and why am I really watching basketball right now other than I must hate myself.


That's it.

the winter release of this fuckery

Was trying to post this in Dreamwidth, but LJ's having crossposting issues AGAIN, so. Here.


Oh, yeah. TV talk. Got busy. I should do that. Crap.

But as promised, here's the last season DVD of Burn Notice in pictures of awful, awful photoshop.


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About my Burn Notice prize pack

USA Network wanted fans to submit art and things for the end of Burn Notice's regular run on USA about a month ago. I opted to select art, and I'm glad I did; the one InstaVine video I saw during the seventh season marathon scared me, partly because the person was on Tumblr, where I actively avoid any Burn Notice fans there (they scare me, especially the older Michael/Fiona shippers--they give me flashbacks to Chuckistan) and partly because I have accepted the decent writing for Burn Notice went out the window years ago and I couldn't be upset that it was finally ending.

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Things: a post

I did a couple of mixes: first, a long, personal one for waywardmixes here and one for lisal825's Literary Lads We Love carnival here.

While I was toiling away on some things, I got a prize package from USA Network, and I'll share the details with you soon.

Also, TV post, I know. But I really like The Blacklist. And Sleepy Hollow with that British actor no one cared about until now (not Johnny Depp) makes me feel like this:

But I'm nodding my head, pretending like the show's mythology isn't batshit insane.

may as well post this

So I plan on doing a fanmix, which has started out with me going through the Hoodlum and Boardwalk Empire soundtracks so far for the narrator of Invisible Man.

That's all I have.

I still plan a TV post. I guess after Breaking Bad shows every other show that's ended this year how to end a show, then.
 photo roflbot_zps8ae016bb.jpg

That's all I've got. I can't even muster a Google search to replace Jeffrey Donovan's face with the bulldog he thinks is a SERIOUS ACTORLY LOOK.

Stay tuned for when I buy this and find a very tiny picture of Coby Bell in the DVD art.

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[THIS IS ALSO A SPOILER]The one thing I'm happy Burn Notice did while it was ending is to not give any fucks about spoiling the end of this show, from "cryptic" drawings from crew members to Gabrielle Anwar's Instagram with her cryptic messages to cast members spoiling plot points to this, which looks like Michael and Fiona living happily ever after by some fire. (Because they've been separated because of bad writing and characters that are living, breathing plot devices, and now they're getting back together again! How sweet.)

And I can't believe people are missing these things, even in the promos. Oh well.

Hopefully, I'll move on to something not as trolly and DGAF, like Scandal, which does mindfuckery better and doesn't spoil things. (Well, there's also Breaking Bad, but that's ending too.)

And I should do an end of summer/fall poll in about...two weeks? Maybe let Dexter die its awful death first? Yeah.

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